About this blog

This blog started in 2012 as a an email to my brother Santi after he expressed the need for new music (new music being considered anything recorded after 2001 really). I committed to a weekly ‘Band of the Week’ until my return to BA; and along the way a couple of friends started to ask to be included in these weekly updates.


A year later, and after some mentioned i should get going again, I started sending these emails out one more time every Monday. This time, to a wider (and growing!) audience. When one too many suggested I started a blog, I started thinking about it.

I could say ‘The rest is history’, but f*ck the past and let’s say ‘So here we are’. Today.


  • Band of the week does not need to be new: I just need to assume Santi doesn’t know it.
  • The email used to go out in Spanish. So emails posts are in Spanish. Manejalo. All this nonsense is in English so you can understand what in thunderation is up with these Spanish emails posts you’ll be receiving reading, regardless of nationality!
  • Trying Google translate? Awww, you are so cute!
  • The email post structure is simple and always the same: name, brief summary and 3-5 song samples. It’ll be easy to follow, promise!
  • Feel free to comment on the bands and songs (comments are moderated ONLY so i can prevent spamming. All legit comments will be posted, even if they are abusive, I don’t give a f*ck).
  • You can make suggestions of bands I should tell Santi about (email me if you don’t use the little bird). You can also give constructive criticism (whatever the f*ck that means).
  • If you think the bands I post are old or “you’ve known them for years”, go elsewhere. Hipster.
  • Besides #bandadelasemana (#BDLS), we have #koalaoftheweek (#KOTW) – an Aussie band de yapa (because it felt like cheating to all my Aussie friends if the weekly band was one they OBVIOUSLY knew way too well). So technically we have 2 bands per week. But I’m not a technical person. So there.


An Argio living in Oz (so you might know me as Aggy The Immigrant or Anna, my takeaway name).

I love and miss my siblings, so this is a way to stay in touch.

I like music (a bit of a concert addict), whisky and burning tobacco.

If you want to know more about me, contact the NSA or read one of my visa applications. Or you can always google me.


For any stupid complaints, you can email me at agus@whydontyouhoponatortoiseandslowlygocherrypicking.com

For anything else, like ‘genia, this is a load of poppycock’, ‘nice stuff’ or simply ‘hola piba!’, you can always email me. To my actual email. If you don’t have it, send 140 characters my way.



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